For most Americans, cars are our sanctuary. Our vehicles are an extension of our home, providing a space for ourselves and our families to enjoy life beyond our residence.

6 ways to keep your car interior sanitary

Unfortunately, most of the time we don’t always clean or sanitize our cars frequently. Some diseases can be transmitted through contact with contaminated surfaces inside the vehicle, so it is recommended to keep the car as sterile as possible. Here are a few ways you can keep your vehicle interior clean and free of impurities.

1.) Do not bring any external contaminants into the car.

Most of the potentially harmful microbes and contaminants in cars come from the outside. To reduce the number of impurities entering the vehicle interior, be aware of touching it before driving. To be safer, you can make it a habit to wash your hands with soap and water before driving, or at least use an alcohol-based disinfectant before putting your hands on the wheels.

Wearing a mask at a time of global fad will also help. Both plain cloth face coverings and surgical masks can be very useful in preventing respiratory droplets from contaminating the interior of a vehicle. Especially if you are driving a car to your spouse, children or friends.

2.) Clean the mat frequently

There is a lot of dust on the sole of the shoe, and it is inevitable that some of the dust will get into the car. Fortunately, car floor mats protect the inside of your car from spills, food scraps and other debris, as well as debris that builds up on your shoes.

So it’s no surprise that mats are some of the dirtiest things inside cars, on steering wheels and outside of other frequently touched surfaces. But it’s nice that the mat is also easy to clean. In most cases, unless you have kids or frequent mud walks, a weekly vacuum and monthly laundry will suffice, in which case you’ll want to do the cleaning a little more often.

3.) Create hygiene habits

Keeping your car sanitary shouldn’t be a monthly (or worse, annual) project that takes up a better time of the day. The key is to solve the sterilization problem with consistent, small chunks. Wiping the surface for a minute a day on weekdays can dramatically reduce the arduous task of meticulously cleaning your ride when you have time. The key is to be consistent so that sanitization is the second characteristic.

4.) Replace the air conditioner filter as often recommended

Over time, AC filters can become clogged with contaminants as well as dirty mold that can potentially make you and others using your car sick. Unfortunately, we may not change the filter often because we don’t necessarily find out what’s wrong. This is because problems caused by clogged filters usually only develop very gradually. Therefore, you should change the filter as often as required by the manufacturer. Typically, a car travels between 15,000 and 25,000 miles.

5.) fabric cover stock

Fabric covers are very difficult to clean and can be difficult to remove stains. Now imagine how easily mold spores and other harmful microbes can get on textiles. It’s true that we can easily close cloth seat covers in a washing machine, but how often should we do that?

Although not without its drawbacks, covers made from alternative materials such as leather and faux leather are much easier to clean and disinfect. If keeping your car sanitary is a problem, but you don’t have time to constantly replace the seat covers, then covers made from these materials have an advantage over fabric ones.

6.) Regularly disinfect frequently touched items and surfaces.

Record the auto parts you touch most often. The following areas should be disinfected regularly:

  • car key and watch strap
  • All interior and exterior door handles
  • steering wheel and shifter
  • Entertainment center buttons, switches and touch screen
  • seat belt with buckle
  • parking brake
  • Turn signal lights, headlights and wiper switches

It may sound like a lot, but sometimes you’ll be surprised how quickly you can do this with a single disinfectant wipe. If you’re the only person who uses your car, you don’t have to do this often, but you can do this every week or every day, depending on how often you share your car with others.

Because of the time we spend in our cars, it makes sense to keep it as clean and sanitary as at home. Luckily, doing this is not only easy, it can go a long way in making your driving experience safer and more enjoyable.

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