Frightened passersby found the body in a retail store parking lot in broad daylight. The man’s companion acted ruthlessly before his death.

Coroner found man left to die in shopping center parking lot

A man who was currently trying to administer opiates was pulled out of his car and hidden in a retail parking lot. Coronary investigation results came out with the outside driver stepping on the foot.

A Victorian coroner’s investigation into the death of Christiaan Anthony Dubois was requested by his family when the 46-year-old was found dead in vi. 15/15/2017 in the Gregorian calendar at 3 PM.

His body was found by a fearful passerby, coroner Darren Bracken, in written results released last month in the parking lot of a retail outlet at Jazz Musicians Park in southeast Melbourne.

Dubois’ companion, known only as AB in court documents, got him out of the car. [*fr1] An hour before the body was found

An autopsy revealed that Mr. Dubois had died of “mixed drug toxicity” with opium, alcohol and the main drug Valium.

CCTV footage from the Jazz Musicians Park retail store shows a white ute parking around 5:30 PM.

Eleven minutes later, Mr. Bracken also captured the motive in the same footage: “I took the unconscious Mr. Dubois out of the vehicle and laid him on the floor as if filmed outside the passenger’s side door.”

Mr. Bracken further read Mr. Dubois’s notebook, as was the evidence for recommending a “probable” AB.

Then he stepped back from the parking lot and drove.

Dubois’ sister, Denise Cranston, said the court lady Dubois had “a hatred of opiate users” and used other drugs, but not opiates.

“We’ll point out something and everything,” she said.

According to a report by a medical scientist, Bracken said he had used opiates and rates in the past five months.

The driver of the car told police he had never met Mr. Dubois before approaching the jazz musician Park Tap House from a poker machine earlier that day.

“Mr Dubois asked him if he could get ice. AB told Dubois but he couldn’t get opium,” said Mr. Bracken.

AB told police that they shot a gram of opium in the car and that Mr. Dubois began to “settle down” and “whisper”.

He didn’t want him to sleep in the car, so he “put him on the floor as much as he could”, he told police he didn’t realize he was driving on his feet.

The coroner found that Mr. Dubois was “willing” to use opiates and that his death was an accidental outcome.

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