Repair is a serious event! The interior changes, new objects and materials appear in the apartment. Most importantly, a huge amount of garbage is formed. I’ve already removed some but still need to bring the floor, carpet and windows to a decent look. In short, cleaning after repair is not as easy as you might think. But if you do it in a certain order, your life will be greatly simplified. Now let’s talk about this.

General cleaning after repair consists of several stages. You will need to:

  • Collect and take out the little trash.
  • Throw away bulky garbage.
  • Remove stains from floors, carpets, window sills and walls.
  • cleaning windows, doors and batteries;
  • Remove building dust.
  • Order plumbing and tiles.
  • Brings the final gloss.

Considering these tips, you can do it all without unnecessary hassles.

  • Don’t try everything at once. It is better to invest a few days in the whole process.
  • Do not start general cleaning in the living room. It is recommended to first clean the kitchen, bathroom and hallway, then the living room, bedroom and children’s room.

Of course in the trash! This is understandable, as all these cans, boards, and bottles interfere horribly. Before you catch them, be careful: wear old, not pitiful, and cover your head. You have to be mindful of dirt and solvents, but it’s better to do it with old clothes that you can throw away immediately.

If possible, do not forget to wear shoes with thick soles. A thick sole is required as there are nails, needles, paper clips or construction tools in the bottom that can easily get hurt.

Wear gloves. Gloves are required for the same reason as certain shoes. Also, some materials that need to be groomed are corrosive to your hands.

It is better to take the trash bag more tightly. Thin polyethylene won’t help in this case, and larger paper bags are more suitable. In extreme cases, if the wallpaper remains, you can glue it yourself.

Before you put the trash in the bag, look at what fell on your hand. During the trimming of boards and wallpaper may be necessary things such as tools. Of course they must be removed, but any residual material of any kind must be disposed of immediately. You’ll never use it anyway, so why keep it?

If you are afraid of the workload or are not sure if you can allocate enough time, contact the cleaning company. The advantages of such cleaning after repair are obvious.

  • You can safely perform other tasks while the professionals clean the walls.
  • Company employees will come at any convenient time when they are at home or vice versa when no one is in the apartment.
  • A reputable company has all the right tools and necessary materials, and most importantly, professionals know how to use all of them.
  • Few people clean much faster than one or two people.

Cleaning companies provide professional cleaning to their customers after repairing not only apartments, but also single-family homes and offices. After repair, the specialist will:

  • Take out the trash and take it out.
  • Remove dust.
  • Clean the plumbing and glass.
  • clean radiator;
  • Wash the door.
  • clean floors, walls and ceilings;
  • wipe the windows

In a word, in the list of services you will find everything you need after the repair is done.

Carpet cleaning should also be considered after repairs. Effective carpet cleaning requires special equipment, the latest chemical detergents, experience and skills. Therefore, the optimal solution when cleaning carpets is to contact a specialized company. Professionals qualified for ProLux Cleaning can perform the arduous and difficult task by choosing not only the cleaning method (dry or wet), but also special products not sold in stores, resulting in a soft, clean carpet choice. It will please you for many years. Contact ProLux Carpet Cleaning for top quality service at an affordable price! Prolux works 24/7. They will meet all your expectations!

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