This is why many events such as outdoor parties, corporate events, and fashion shows come together to create great memories. But do you know what it is at an event that improves the mood of your audience? It is a wireless microphone. Now, above, we have named various events and proposed a solution to enhance the mood of any event with a wireless microphone. But there are types of wireless microphones too, so how do you identify the type of wireless microphone you need for an event?

You need to gather knowledge about each kind of wireless microphone. You have to deal with many other aspects of the event. Don’t you think it’s a waste of time searching for each type of wireless microphone? nevertheless you microphone rental london And they will suggest which type of microphone is better for your event. But still, for convenience, let’s discuss the different types of wireless microphones that can be rented from rental companies at low rates.

Another kind of wireless microphone?


These microphones usually have a transmitter on the body, making them easy to set up, handheld and easy to move between stages and venues.


This microphone must be worn over the ear. This microphone is perfect for moving places, especially for outdoor events where a lot of noise can be generated.


This microphone is designed to be fixed to a shirt. Eliminates all kinds of problems in getting good sound quality and this microphone is easy to replace on camera. This microphone is perfect for scenarios where the presenter needs to free his hands.

Why you should use a wireless microphone for your event

Wireless microphones have several advantages over traditional cable microphones.

  • Since it is wireless, there are no cable management and safety concerns from the risk of falling on stage.
  • You can move freely on stage or anywhere.
  • Many wireless microphones can operate farther away from the transmitter.
  • Whatever the event using the wireless microphone, it shows the event neatly.
  • It is durable because radio waves do not wear out.
  • No need to tie your hands with a wireless microphone.

Why should I prefer digital wireless microphones?

There are two types of wireless microphones, and digital microphones are more advanced types of microphones.

Sound quality:

Digital microphones transmit signals that are converted in the form of ones and zeros, so the transmission medium is not affected. Analog microphones transmit signals in the form of radio waves that can intersect the transmission medium due to sound distortion. We understand that the sound quality of our equipment cannot be compromised.

Long battery life:

Digital microphones have a longer battery life than analog microphones because digital microphones require a low-power transmitter with a 40% longer battery life.

Signal Security:

The security of the signal is important and it is more secure with digital microphones because the signal is encrypted. Anyone with a suitable transmitter can receive an analog signal.

What should I look for before using a wireless microphone?

Microphone Type:

You need to decide what kind of wireless microphone is right for your event.

Microphone range:

Different mics have different ranges, so keep that in mind depending on the size of your event.

Microphone battery life:

This is a very important aspect, but size and range should also be considered along with battery life. For example, if size matters, you will have to sacrifice battery life, sadly. If high range is required, large size units are the only option.

You can see that there are many important things to do while choosing a microphone. Instead of doing all the hard work alone, let Microphone Hire London do it for you. Their experts better know what type of microphone you need depending on the type of event and the size of the venue. They also have instructions for the installation of the necessary sound system for the microphone. Why not let them handle some of the events that they are experts at?


A microphone is a way to deliver the content you have prepared for your audience. For events, it’s not about the microphone, it’s about delivering the message without distortion. So, if you hire a rental company, you are doing yourself the best thing to do.

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