First you need to understand the answer to one question. What is change management? Simply put, change management is the process of filtering, implementing, and controlling changes. For changes to happen successfully, you need to follow a proper plan to ensure that changes reach their goals. Now let’s look at the classification of changes. Depending on your goals, you can adopt different types of change management.

  • Exceptional – Most of us face life situations that can be a turning point in our lives for some people. These situations can teach a person in a way that can change the way he thinks about a particular topic but does not change his mind about other aspects of his life. We want to understand this process with a simple example where, when an employee needs to change their name, they need to perform certain document actions and also need to change their email address. This does not change the location of any particular employee.
  • Incremental – Sometimes while working in an organization or working on a project, you need to make a few minor changes that do not affect the overall process but must be completed on time. If you think about the example, updating your technology is a simple and best example that everyone can understand.
  • Pendulum – Basically, when it moves from one direction to the exact opposite, it is called a pendulum. In most cases, offices move from one location to another. The current situation is the best example of a physical office shift to a digital one. This is a big change and should be handled smoothly.
  • Paradigm – As the current scenario shows, we didn’t think the time would come when the entire office would be transformed into one meeting and digitization would become the new standard. Change types that include new values, terms and benefits can be internalized. This can be understood with a simple example of when a company moves from a synchronous communication approach to a hybrid architecture that includes both types of communication.

Let’s see how to do the change management process. Before making any changes, ask yourself a few questions, such as what your goals are and why you need to achieve them. How the change you want to implement will benefit your company or organization through the process.

With all these questions answered, you will understand a few topics. You may have observed the change management journeys of various business leaders. This sets the perfect goal for your initiative and makes it easy to find the various factors that influence it. As you know, there are mistakes in work, and knowing your mistakes is the easiest and most successful thing to do. So, let’s take a look at some of the mistakes you should avoid while doing a change management drive.

  • If you ignore the opinions of supporters and try to change them, they will not change as you wish. So always make sure your supporters are aware of your initiative and are completely on your side.
  • Sometimes, projects or ideas fail due to poor communication between people. Always be careful not to make communication difficult with others. Make communication about changes specific, accurate, clear and efficient.
  • As you know, key performance indicators, KPIs, are essential for successful transformation as they provide the perfect starting point, destination, and successful outcome. Some best practices should be established so that organizations can easily find the desired outcome of a particular change without lack of measurement.
  • Whenever a company launches a new product, they think first about the impact the product will have on the people who use it, and then the product. The same formula applies for change management. If you don’t think about who will have the biggest impact after implementing this change, your change will not have the desired results.

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You should now understand the different types of changes and how to implement them by avoiding some important mistakes. So, with this in mind, perform change management to get the results you want.

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