The story of the contrasting fortunes of two legacy

The story of the two Valentinos – classic Italian fashion – is a dramatic and often flaming event. If not the story of a war family, clearly opposing approaches, luck, masked identities, heroes and villains alike dressed in the finest fabrics and leather, supported by young, beautiful characters in a competitive fashion industry.

Two central characters: Mario Valentino – [perhaps wrongly] Recognized the villain of the story. A maker of luxury leather bags and apparel favored by celebrities in the 1950s and ’60s, he built a solid reputation in the ’80s by collaborating with up-and-coming designers and photographers.

And Master: Valentino Garavani – a fashion week-loved love from the ’60s. The most French beauty of any Italian designer looking down on the ‘other’ Valentino with a certain degree of contempt and frustration.

It can certainly be argued that Valentino Garavani is the most famous and relevant of the two brands heading into the 21st century. Current designer Pierpaolo Piccioli has embraced Maki’s reputation for uptown elegance, fusing it with a sharper silhouette. It’s still comfortable and spacious, but with the dynamism of the city center and laid-back time in mind.

Mario Valentino does not exist in the same stratosphere. Its interest is almost entirely in leather (or faux-leather) products, and its current reputation is in high-quality crafted bags retailing at downtown/premium prices for those who want a no-cost look.

how are they different

They are actually very different. By comparison, Napa’s Valentino Garavani Roman studded shoulder bag costs £2,100. Don’t expect to pay this kind of price for some edgy style experimentation (Valentino Garavani bags are still a lot higher). You are buying elegance with a certain Gaelic ease. The Valentino Garavani is a Louis Vuitton alternative or something to be satisfied with if a used Hermes can’t be justified. In short, this is as good as the luxury you get before you leave your couture-bound jet.

The Mario Valentino bag is a premium product, traded in leather or vegan polyurethane, with bold colors and a ‘designer’ dreamy look. For example, the Red Elfo shoulder bag is a lovely Michael Kors alternative to wear all over the bright red Italian heritage.

Valentino Garavani’s SpikeMe Nappa clutch is a padded delight for £1,550. The MV Clutch has more of a will to hit the club Love Moschino often uses. And why not do it for less than £100?

With the Valentino Garavani, simplicity is the best anywhere else. The Valentino Garavani Small Rock Studded Hobo Bag shows an approach to design, with unnecessary proverbs, countless pockets and flaps or prints that are eccentric and reference culture.

The Valentino Garavani Round Bag 03 Rose Edition is the label’s concession to visual experimentation. Flowers have long been a focal point in many European interests, reinforcing and liberating more modern or sexually expressed romantic idealism.

The Mario Valentino Doxy woven backpack somewhat imitates classic Italian phrases for simple textures and bold lux colors, with affordable materials and a no-light design. Or, the Mario Valentino Doxy Woven Briefcase is really punchy, pretty and brings you everything you can take with you in the summer. Again, it’s made of non-leather material that doesn’t sing extravagant tunes (better for the environment and animal kingdom)

Clearly, Mario Valentino’s current legacy has been battered by comparisons with excellent luxury brand names. Also, there is currently a legal dispute between the two. [with some justification] Mario Valentino has unethically traded Valentino’s name for misleading and confusing products and logos.

To calm things down a bit, it’s important to note that it’s a fairly common fashion practice to imitate and creatively use the names and reputations of other brands. That’s not to say that’s right, but while the current boom in fake goods is talking to a generation of consumers who want ‘looks’ without exorbitant costs, the current love of the athleisure world has Virgil Abloh starting off-white deals . Its name is Pyrex Vision. No one mentions if you want to be invited anywhere in Paris.

The bigger problem with MVs in recent years has actually been that trend [again not unique amongst Premium brands with global reach, Michael Kors being an example] Creatively copy the look of luxury brands like Celine.

their popularity

Popularity is a misleading reference point in the fashion world. It can mean the ubiquity of a brand. To the extent that the whole world (especially traditional high street) is obsessed with a particular style or trend and wears (out!) with ever-decreasing yields.

A classic light brown and tan Louis Vuitton bag is a good example. No longer a work of art, the brand has moved away from this standard/luxury symbol to a more adventurous realm (although it is still sold like hot cakes). Checks, the calling cards of 2000, have become a burden you no longer want to bear.

Valentino Garavani avoids the clichés and nudity of fashion because she calls for elegance and classy simplicity. Looks like a stylish person would wear it, but kids will ignore it because of the (intentionally) lack of web-baiting pizzas and flashy logos. In a nutshell, Valentino Garavani is a popular brand among people where simple style is their main concern.

Surprisingly, Mario Valentino is somewhat under the radar in the fashion world. Some of the reasons mentioned above account for this, including the long and furious battles that bear their advanced names. But also because the MV look is relatively conservative – trading in quality architecture and materials, choosing to imitate the trends of the season rather than promoting it in the cultural arena – and its relatively profile compared to other premium labels like Coach and Michael Kors. because it wins. Alternatively, you can find Love Moschino, a choice that retains certain novelty elements. At a price that encourages you to deviate from the usual premium choice, this is a win-win situation. If only two Valentinos at war could see it that way.

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