No matter how well you take care of your body, there are always pockets of fat that don’t respond to exercise or diet. And it’s not a matter of being overweight. Because we’ve seen skinny people struggle with stubborn fat in certain areas of the body. If you are facing this challenge and are considering ways to reduce fat in problem areas, then there is good news for you.

Fat reduction techniques have become popular in recent years to permanently get rid of stubborn fat cells. And listen. The available liposuction innovations are non-invasive, so don’t worry anymore if you postpone your visit to your doctor because of your fear of surgery. Whether you choose Kybella or Coolsculpting treatment, this is because both are non-surgical procedures that effectively remove persistent fat. We encourage you to learn more about these two procedures and follow them closely to help you make an informed decision.

treatment area

To help you decide which treatment to choose, Kybella or Coolsculpting, Let’s see what each of them does. Also, understand each treatment and the specific body parts they treat to find out which of the two is best for you. It is an injection that dissolves fat and is intended for excess fat under the chin. It is the only non-invasive treatment approved by the FDA for removing excess fat under the chin. But even so, there are other unapproved treatment areas such as stubborn fat in the arms, bra rolls, flanks (love handles) and knees. Kybella treatment on this area has proven to be effective.

Conversely, Coolsculpting treatment, also known as Cryolipolysis, is a technique that freezes fat cells to permanently remove them. Also, the FDA fat reduction body parts, including; Upper arm, abdomen, thigh, back, flank, banana roll, chin, bra area.

How does each procedure work?

Kybella or Coolsculpting, Each procedure works differently in both the application method and the fat removal technique. Kybella works by injecting deoxycholic acid, which is naturally produced in our body, directly into the fat cells under the chin. The injected substance is a synthetic form of Deoxycholic acid. fat cells. Board-certified physicians begin by applying a local anesthetic cream. Then, small needles are injected at several points to destroy the fat cells. The body then absorbs the destroyed fat cells, reducing sub-mental fullness.

The Coolsculpting procedure, on the other hand, works using cold suction, which freezes and destroys fat cells. This non-invasive technique works perfectly for removing tiny pockets of stubborn fat. Once frozen, the fat cells are permanently damaged. The body then excretes them naturally through metabolic processes. You are left with a thinner and more attractive appearance. The treatment takes about 30 minutes per target area, and you can use that time to read or watch a movie if you wish.

number of treatments required

Whether you’re getting Kybella or Coolsculpting, it’s important to know that one session isn’t enough. The result is mainly amount of fat Most patients take 3 to 4 treatments for optimal results. It is important to note that the effectiveness of these procedures will ultimately depend on continued exercise and a clean diet.

Results for both procedures

Results for the Kybella or Coolsculpting procedure are recorded in a matter of weeks. It gives positive results for both treatments. stubborn fat, gives you confidence. With Kybella, patients take 2-4 weeks to see maximum results, Coolsculpting takes 4-5 weeks, and final results are realized within 8-12 weeks. For both procedures, patients may need more sessions for best results. Here is an example of a Kelly Clarkson weight check.

With both treatments, initial results can take up to a month and final results can take around three months. both of these fat removal procedure Treats loose skin after fat removal.

Difference between the two procedures

Compared to Coolsculpting, the injectability of Kybella technology can handle smaller target areas that are more isolated. The Coolsculpting method is suitable for obese patients who are persistently stubborn in diet and exercise. Covers the entire target area the applicator engages.

Why Choose Kybella or Coolsculpting?

Kybella treatment provides the same results as a surgical procedure, but with no risks or complications. This treatment utilizes substances found naturally in the body. Kybella effectively dissolves the excess. fat below Chin, as with any other procedure.,

Similarly, the Coolsculpting procedure does not require needles. It is non-surgical and there is no anesthesia during treatment. Your cosmetologist only aims for those pesky fat pockets that persist after a clean meal and exercise. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Coolsculpting for the treatment of fat loss in various parts of the body. You can also see natural results within 8 to 12 weeks after treatment after the fat deposits are permanently destroyed.

Who qualifies as a good candidate?

With a Kybella or Coolsculpting procedure, it all depends on the amount of uneven fat you want to remove from the target area. There is no right or wrong. During your consultation, an experienced doctor will advise you on the correct procedure depending on the degree of treatment. For example, if you are in good health in general but have problems with a few fat pockets that don’t go away, the Coolsculpting technique is more effective. However, it does not work for patients who have a lot of areas that need engraving and those who have too much fat.

On the other hand, Kybella is effective for those who want to get rid of excess fat under the chin. The amount of fat your doctor recommends should be able to squeeze between your fingers. It is important to note that after Kybella treatment, the skin will loosen and the neck will need to be lifted and tightened. It is also suitable for low-fat areas that cannot be removed with Coolsculpting. If you are taking blood thinners, you are not a good candidate.

Benefits of Non-Invasive Fat Removal Procedure

  • No downtime required. You can return to your daily activities immediately.
  • Both treatments take 30 to 60 minutes to perform.
  • Potential side effects are minimal. And if minor side effects occur, they last for a while.
  • Kybella, or Coolsculpting, will bring you a slimmer, younger-looking look that will take you years off your look.
  • You can see ideal results without surgery.
  • By maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight maintenance, the results will last longer and no further treatment will be required after the session.
  • Unlike other surgical procedures, it does not require anesthesia and leaves no scars or incisions on the body.
  • Unlike other treatments, you receive minimal pre-treatment and post-treatment instructions. You should avoid foods high in sodium and sugar before treatment, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated after the procedure.


  • It is not easy to say the quantity. fat reduction. You can only get the percentage you guessed.
  • In most cases, multiple treatments and follow-up sessions are required to achieve ideal results.
  • Kybella or Coolsculpting may not work at all for patients with significant amounts of fat.
  • Compared to surgical procedures such as liposuction, these non-surgical procedures provide minimal fragmentation.
  • Doctors warn that these treatments will not affect your weight. It is best to observe a healthy diet and regular exercise to maintain results.

Costs for both fat removal procedures

The cost of these two Kybella or Coolsculpting will depend on several factors such as the amount of fat to be removed, your healthcare provider, your location, and your aesthetic goals. The average cost of Kybella treatment starts at around $1,200 per session.

And Coolsculpting treatments range from $2,000 to $4,000 depending on the number of target areas to be treated. It costs more than Coolsculpting due to the number of session treatments Kybella requires. It is worth noting that insurance does not cover these procedures, as both are cosmetic.

Potential Side Effects and Risks

Before starting Kybella or Coolsculpting, talk to your cosmetologist about any other cosmetic or surgical procedures you have previously performed. The most common side effects of Kybella treatment include: Swelling, numbness, redness and pain. If you experience any of these side effects, tell your professional immediately. In extreme cases, the procedure may make it difficult for the patient to swallow. And some have nerve damage to the jaw, which can cause an uneven smile.

Similarly, the following side effects may occur after Coolsculpting treatment: Swelling, redness, bruising, tingling and pain. However, these side effects last for several days before they go away.

In conclusion: If you’re considering Kybella or Coolsculpting, it’s important to reach your target weight before starting these treatments. This is because, like other cosmetic procedures, these fat removal techniques are not intended to measure weight loss.

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