Live Stream Shopping: The Future of Online Shopping
Live Stream Shopping: The Future of Online Shopping

The concept of live stream e-commerce dates back to QVC in the 80s, when hosts like Lisa Robertson showed off their jewelry and chatted naturally with viewers. Shoppers would watch shows on TV and even place orders by phone. Live Stream Shopping is a modern and improved version of QVC. live shopping Leverage video streaming tools to demonstrate products, engage with sellers, and sell in real time. The trend of live video shopping was introduced long ago, but the pandemic has accelerated its growth.

With the COVID-19 pandemic approaching, many brands have had to find a way to overcome the barriers to brick-and-mortar shopping. One way to achieve this was live streaming shopping. Live Shopping allows sellers to have their own live shopping platform where they can interact with customers in a personalized way and sell in real time. Live stream e-commerce is a combination of entertainment and e-commerce. “Basically, we are digitizing QVC and HSN.

By integrating live online shopping, viewers can ask and clear questions in real time and shop in real time. Therefore, e-commerce brands in the industry are moving towards live online shopping platforms.

The current live commerce craze started in China in the mid-2010s. During this time, influential celebrities and industry pundits began using live-stream shopping apps to take fans with them as they visit other boutiques. They showcased products in real time and explained the details. These virtual tours gave buyers a glimpse into exotic places with options to discover and purchase products not readily available in China.

Singles Day 2019 hosted a live shopping show by popular influencer Viya, which attracted more than 43 million customers. This determined the success of live video shopping in China, after which the trend spread westward.

Brands and retailers jumping into live commerce need to know that live video shopping is more than just the latest technology or an influencer of the moment. The key to success here is fostering customer engagement.

Benefits of Live Stream Ecommerce

Reach a bigger audience

Physical events are usually limited by space and location. However, you can invite as many audiences as you like with live shopping. Also, live online shopping shows remove restrictions caused by the pandemic. So the audience can now sit at home and be a part of live shopping shows and shopping.

Brands are no longer constrained by geographic or size constraints, so their live video shopping platform makes it easy to reach anyone in the world remotely and remotely.


Running a live stream shopping show can be very simple. All you need is relevant video and audio equipment, an internet connection and a reliable live stream e-commerce platform. The live shopping platform is one of those platforms that can engage your audience in a humane way and eventually lead to sales.

We also provide in-depth articles, eBooks, tutorials, and blogs to help you learn more about how to use Live Shopping to succeed.

audience interaction

Face-to-face interactions have always played an important role in demonstrating brand authenticity, allowing businesses to humanize themselves and connect with their audiences. Live shopping helps you better tell your brand’s story and values. For businesses that participate in live shopping shows through Q&A sessions, this allows them to engage their home audience and build relationships with their brands.

Live Stream Ecommerce is a direct and personal connection to every individual shopper attending a live shopping show. It’s the same digital way of bringing your brand to the shoppers’ homes.

strong sales conversion

Live shopping shows can provide better sales conversions than other event types. Businesses that offer e-commerce products or services can benefit from live video shopping. Plus, you can easily integrate promotional offers, deals, and discounts with your live shopping show, so you can instantly increase your volume sales.

Beyond this, live shopping can be used for marketing as an important tool along the shopper’s journey. Connect with shoppers in a unique and effective way, creating new business opportunities.


As technology is changing rapidly, brands now have many options when implementing effective sales strategies. One of the most sought-after creative initiatives today is live stream shopping. If you haven’t started yet, now is the right time to jump into this trend.

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