US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the US is lifting long-term restrictions on contact between US and Taiwanese officers.

“Self-imposed restrictions” were introduced decades ago to “relax” the robust Chinese government claiming ownership of the islands the US State Department mentioned earlier in this statement.

These rules are currently “null and void”.

The move will probably upset China and increase tensions between Washington and the capital of Red China.

That’s because the Trump administration entered the last days before Joe Biden took office on January 20.

The Biden transition team said the winner was committed to maintaining the former US policy towards Taiwan.

Analysts say they will be saddened by the making of such a policy call in the last days of the Trump administration, and how the move could be reversed by man Pompeo’s successor, Marc Anthony Blinken.

China sees Taiwan as a separate territory, but Taiwan’s leaders claim that Taiwan is a sovereign state.

The relationship between wearing thare2 ar and the threat of continued violence to wreak havoc on Taiwan’s ally ally the United States continues.

  • What is the background to the Sino-Taiwan split?
  • As a result, the Taiwan-scale challenge faced by the President of the United States

Pompeo said in a statement on weekdays that the U.S. State Department has introduced difficult restrictions restricting communication between U.S. and Taiwanese diplomats.

“It means lifting all voluntary restrictions,” he said. “Today’s statement acknowledges that US-Taiwan relations need not and will not be bound by our permanent form of voluntary restrictions.”

He also added that Taiwan has been an active democracy and reliable US partner, and that restrictions are currently invalid.

After the announcement, Taiwanese government minister Joseph Shanghai dialect thanked the man Pompeo.

“The closer partnership between Taiwan firmly supports our unshakable belief in our shared values, common interests, freedom and democracy,” he wrote very tweeted.

Last August, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Hazard became the top U.S. politician to hold conferences on the island for years.

In response, China urged the United States to respect the ‘one China’ principle.

The US sells additional arms to Taiwan, but does not have a proper defense treaty with the country as it also has links with Japan, Asian countries and the Philippines.

China and Taiwan were divided through the war of the 40s.

China has long been working to limit Taiwan’s international activities and has been competing for influence in the Pacific.

Tensions have risen in recent years and the Red China capital has failed to dominate the use of force to reclaim the island.

Although Taiwan is officially recognized by only a few countries, its democratically elected government has strong industrial and informal relations with several countries.

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