If you are already investing in or considering participating in the rental market, you know that competition is more intense than ever. There is very little inventory on the market, making it difficult for tenants to find good rentals. Many properties are accepting multiple tenant applications for occupancy within hours of being registered. Good news for homeowners and rental investors! But looking like this isn’t the only average property. Fully upgraded and equipped with all the amenities tenants want from home, properties are filling up the fastest. Check out this investor guide to learn more about the properties most in demand for tenants.

One way to improve rental demand is to add automated smart security technology. Feeling safe and secure in real estate is paramount on most tenant lists when it comes to the functioning of the home. But smart technology doesn’t just benefit tenants, it has great benefits, such as peace of mind. Smart technology has come a long way, security options are fully automated and inexpensive.

Here are a few ways you can decorate your rental with automated smart security technology.

  1. security system
  2. Smart Lock
  3. video doorbell

security system

Feeling safe in your home is perhaps the most important priority for tenants. Installing a smart security system in a rental property can help lessen tenants’ worries. There are many options when it comes to home security systems, and at the low end they can cost as little as a few hundred dollars for a comprehensive system. When choosing a system for an asset, it is important to consider ease of use combined with security features and price.

Some systems are expertly monitored by security companies that respond quickly whenever an alarm is raised. Simple and easy to set up, there are also DIY options for direct monitoring. Some of these DIY systems have monthly plans for professional monitoring if you prefer that option. Here are some of the features of popular home security systems:

  • security camera – Security cameras visible both inside and outside the building can prevent intruders from breaking into your building because they know your building is being monitored. Also, using live video of the intrusion greatly increases the chances of law enforcement agencies catching the intruder. Many security systems have the ability to view real-time security camera feeds that are useful when no one is home.
  • motion sensor – These can be useful both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, you can set up motion sensors in the room you want to monitor. These sensors usually have “home” and “away” modes so they won’t sound an alarm when you’re home. Outdoors, you can attach flood lights to these motion sensors, so they light up when motion is detected outside the building at night. This alone will deter anyone from breaking into your property.
  • Entry sensor – These sensors can be easily placed on any door or window in your home to monitor when they are opened. One piece is installed on the door or window and the other piece is placed near the first piece of the frame. When the sensor detects that a door or window is open, it makes a sound to indicate that someone is entering the house.

Smart Lock

Smart locks are a great way to keep your assets safe from intruders. They offer amazing benefits to both tenants and landlords. Smart locks increase security while providing keyless access to your home. Some of the benefits these locks can provide are:

No physical key required. – If you’ve ever forgotten your keys to your home (or ever got a late night call from a tenant you have), you know how important this feature is. These locks have different ways of granting access to properties that do not contain keys.

  • No more Hide-a-Key – Many tenants and landlords want to hide their house key somewhere in front of their house if they forget their primary key or want to let someone in without the key. What was once considered a sensible backup plan turned out to be very risky because home intruders know where to look for this hidden key. With smart locks, hiding your keys is a thing of the past and you can rest assured that your property is safe.
  • No more lock changes – Changing locks can be time consuming and costly when a landlord prepares a property for a new tenant. With a smart lock, you never have to change the lock again. You can change the code required for input or delete the digital key used by the previous tenant. This not only saves you the hassle of changing locks every time you change tenants, but it also saves you money with every lock you would otherwise have purchased.

video doorbell

Affordable smart security technology that can be easily installed in rental properties is the video doorbell. A doorbell with a camera attached allows you to see who or what is on the front door from your smartphone.

From a tenant’s point of view, these have proven to be very useful for a number of reasons. Screening unwanted visitors with the tap of a button is easier than ever. When the doorbell rings, tenants can open the app on their phone and see who is at the door without ever getting up. And if they don’t want to answer the door, they don’t have to. Another way video doorbells can be useful for tenants is to be notified when a package is delivered. Most video doorbells feature motion sensors and send alerts when there is movement at the front door. It’s a great way to avoid having packages sitting at your front door for extended periods of time and getting notifications about unwanted visitors.

last thoughts

In today’s hot rental market, tenants are looking for top-notch real estate to call home. It is very competitive and the smallest detail overlooked can be the difference between the lessee or others choosing your property. Adding automated smart security technology to your rental property can make it stand out from the rest. Feeling a sense of security in a property is one of the most important features for a tenant and cannot be lacking in that area.

If you’re looking for help bringing your rental’s security measures to today’s standards, it’s a good idea to contact a real estate management company that has experience equipping your property with all the features that luxury tenants are looking for.

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