At least 68% of online experiences start with search engines. SEO helps law firm marketers connect with potential clients faster than ever. On average, Google processes more than 40,000 queries per second. Some of the users asking these questions are likely looking for legal services. It is up to you to make your law firm professional and competent. SEO positions law firms as trusted institutions in the legal field. Keep reading for our Top 5 Tips for Law Firm SEO.

1. Website Optimization

Having a responsive and user-friendly web design is the most important part of SEO for your website. Users should be able to navigate the law firm’s website intuitively without confusion.

Even the best law firm websites load quickly. The faster a law firm website loads, the better it ranks on Google. The ideal loading time for a mobile website is 1-2 seconds. By the way, make sure the format of your website is compatible with both PC computers and mobile devices.

2. Conduct keyword research

Keyword research is the foundation of a solid keyword strategy. To learn SEO basics, you need to identify strong keywords that are relevant to your company’s legal expertise.

Use Google Keyword Planner to find out what keywords your audience is searching for. The more searches a keyword has, the more often users search it. A strong keyword strategy combines keywords with high search volume and keywords with low search volume. By using local SEO keywords relevant to the law, you can drive more local traffic and generate leads.

3. Post useful blog content

Blogging is one of the most important digital marketing foundations. The content published on a law firm’s website reflects that law firm’s expertise, skills and knowledge. Use long-tail keywords to target specific local traffic, collect local leads and increase your rank. Long-tail keywords are keywords with 3 or more words. For example, lawyers can reach a local audience using long-tail keywords such as “DUI lawyers in New Jersey”

4. Run PPC advertising campaigns

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. Marketers bid on the ad keywords to use and then pay each time a user clicks on your ad. A simple, cost-effective model that delivers results. Law Firms PPC specialists excel at selecting PPC keywords and running PPC advertising campaigns. Find out more about the best law firm PPC services on the internet via the previous link.

5. Use of social media

Social media helps SEO by driving organic traffic to a law firm’s website. Every time you post your law firm’s content on social media, you get organic traffic. Organic traffic is easier to convert into sales than other types of traffic.

Also, crawlers are more likely to index and rank social media posts than content. This will also increase traffic to your law website. By using regional and legal hashtags, crawlers can index your posts faster and more accurately.

Smart Law Firm Marketers Benefits of SEO

About a third of mobile searches are related to location. That is why law firm marketers would be wise to use a local SEO strategy.

Google shows an average of 8.7 results on the first page for each query. Investing in SEO increases your chances of appearing on Google’s first page. It helps your business. Read business articles. Your business acumen will improve.

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