When it comes to plastic surgery, even the most layman knows about chest operations. coil and tummy tuck. But these surgeries are only a fraction of what happens in the world of beauty. Many procedures, such as Brazilian butt lifts and calf implants, seem strange and unnecessary, but are not close to the strangest surgeons. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Leg extension:

Let’s start with surgery specially designed for those who give everything to grow taller. Currently, there are painful procedures that break the bones of the tibia and fibula and place devices that need to be tightened more every day. After 3 months, they grow a few centimeters taller. In short, they break your leg bones! It’s extreme, but some “young girls” like Kim Kardashian are willing to undergo this surgery to show off their model legs and reach everyone with his daring size.

Silicone implants in the skull:

Do you suffer because they nickname you “little guy” or do you say “go over there dwarf”? No more! It is recommended to insert a silicone implant in the upper part of the skull to grow up to 5 cm. Now it’s up to you to accept that your head is open. We’re sure not even Salma Hayek will cheer. towards.

Heel Implants:

If, like Eva Longoria, you’re discriminated against because of your small size, obsessed with the word “short” you hate it, and your previous offers didn’t convince you, don’t worry. The name Richard Darell suggested a heel implant in the foot. The idea sounds very strange, but there are already several prototypes and some say this will be a “hit” of the future. dare?

Bra under the skin:

Ninel Conde will consider this surgery going forward because her “natural breasts” will soon obey the laws of gravity. For anyone looking for tight, beautiful breasts, there’s already a new tech that deals with more than just putting a bra under your skin, so forget about the “wonder bra” and put more metallics in it. A plate under the “chest”, of course!

Nipple Surgery:

If you don’t like this area, you probably won’t have a problem wearing a sheer blouse like JLo’s, as you can get plastic surgery to correct any imperfections in this area.

Jaw formation:

If you want a face with perfect and exact dimensions like Natalie Portman, you can already achieve it thanks to surgery performed by moving the chin back and forth, all of which make for a sharp face.

Cute dimples when smiling:

We all love dimpled smiles, but few enjoy having a smile. Thanks to science, it’s over! There are special surgeries that can artificially obtain dimples.


From celebrities like Micheal Jackson and Joan Arc to people who want to look like celebrities, for example an Iranian woman who wants to look like Angelina Jolie, or a boy who wants to look like Justin Beiber, or people who simply want to look different from the rest of us petty humans. People like girls who want to look like Barbie dolls or human Ken dolls.

We get many examples of how obsession with plastic surgery can go wrong. We must learn to love ourselves just the way we are and there is nothing wrong with getting procedures here and there. But we must know our limits and never exceed them.

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