What would you choose: the beach or the mountains? If your answer is mountains, then Idaho is a great place to explore and communicate your love for mountains. It is a family friendly place and is full of many outdoor activities that will take away all the laziness and make you happier!

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Things to do in Idaho City

  • Moon National Monument Crater: This national monument is undoubtedly one of the highest rated tourist activities. Craters of the Moon has an alien-looking landscape that could be considered volcanic lava. This unique black and gray scene attracts geology lovers and other tourists in the crowd. The slopes and caves make this place even more interesting.
  • Lake Coeur d’Alene: This blue-green lake receives water from three rivers and occupies a significant area. There is also a small beach on the shore. Due to its vast area, Coeur d’Alene offers extensive boat tours and every kind of water sport imaginable. The lake also has a floating boardwalk trail and a playground nearby. In summer there is a splash pad near the ground.
  • Shoshone Falls: Twin Falls is another top tourist attraction in Idaho. This waterfall will make a great picture of the cascading water creating a clean puddle at the bottom. If you’re lucky, you might even find a rainbow and click it. The smooth gray rocks surrounding the waterfall are gorgeous. The water meandering under the waterfall is also breathtaking. The best time to see Shoshone Falls is in spring. Take note of visiting the lake above Shoshone Falls. You can enjoy cliff diving in the lake!
  • Tubbs Hill Nature Trail: Unless you’re a fan of adrenaline-pumping endeavors, Idaho still has a lot to offer. Tubbs Hill is the perfect place to provide a walking trail with great views. As you walk along this trail in downtown Coeur d’Alene, you will discover several historic sights. Tubbs Hill also has moderate hikes suitable for everyone. You’ll also find some beaches on the lake’s shores, perfect for swimming.

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What to do in Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls will make you forget your social media and business presentations. The serene outdoors will help you reconnect with nature.

  • Idaho Falls River Walk and Greenbelt: This belt surrounds the Snake River on both sides and has a picturesque landscape. You can also take great photos, draw landscapes here, or write a moving piece of art. You can also take a mini bike tour or go for a walk.
  • Idaho Museum: There is no better place to learn more about the state. This is a valuable opportunity to find everything about culture, art, biology, history and more. Do not forget it. The beautiful collection of artifacts will catch your eye at first sight. There are plenty of interactive and well-planned displays for both kids and adults.
  • yellowstone national park: A top tourist attraction with relaxing hot springs, Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon, and abundant hiking trails, this place will not disappoint.
  • grand teton national park: The park is about 2 hours drive from the beautiful mountain range. You can spot various wildlife like bears and even see a glacial lake!

Largest city in Idaho

Idaho has many beautiful cities to explore and is the capital city you see. Other large cities in Idaho include:

  1. meridian
  2. Nampa
  3. Idaho Falls
  4. poker tello
  5. Caldwell
  6. twin waterfall
  7. Lewiston
  8. after autumn

Things to do with kids in Boise Idaho

Boise has an idyllic outdoor setting, where you can spend some crazy family time on little adventures with the kids.

  • Boise River Green Belt: This is a serene 30-mile patch to ride your bike. You will pass several parks, Boise State University and gardens. A mini race or teaching your kids to bike will be a very memorable experience. You can also take a short stop at the MK Nature Center and observe the local wildlife. This is a top rated tourist attraction.
  • Boise White Water Park: Ready to get your muscles working for a paddleboard ride? Or would you like to sit and observe the crystal waters and elegant kayaks? Either way, White Water Park offers the perfect opportunity to do both!
  • World Center for Birds of Prey: If you or your kids like raptors like eagles and hawks, this place will be very interesting for you. We offer guided tours, informative sessions with visuals, and live demonstrations to gain in-depth knowledge of your favorite birds. This center goes on most of our itineraries we plan to visit Idaho.
  • Old Idaho Prison: If you like crime and mystery stories, Old Idaho Penitentiary is a place you don’t want to miss. This Idaho prison contains some of the most interesting and interesting history of the prison. Opened to the public in the 1970s, the Hanging offers a glimpse into history’s jailbreaks, escapes, scandals and crimes.

Fun Things to Do in Meridian Idaho

  • Visit Wahooz Family Fun Zone: Wahooz is a great theme park full of fun games for people of all ages to enjoy. You can take care of your inner child and have a great time with the kids while riding the go-karts or playing 100 arcade games. They also offer two miniature golf courses and a laser tag. If you want to visit in summer, there is a water park right next to Wahooz, so it’s a real treat and a great combo deal!
  • Meridian Village: I’ll shop until I run out because you can find some cool stuff in the stores here. The beautiful fountain is the biggest attraction. The fountain looks very refreshing and will rejuvenate you so you can continue shopping.
  • Roaring Springs Water Park

Who doesn’t like to splash and swim in the water? If you’ve been to Idaho in the spring or summer, don’t miss this water park. Roaring Springs is the ideal place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon near the blue waters glistening in the sun. The huge underwater park boasts fun rides, lazy rivers, huge wave pools, water slides, and great food and drinks!

Arcade games, laser tags, and batting cages sound like fun family time at any given moment. The Waahooz entertainment hub has Go Karting, mini golf, unique slides, laser mazes, bumper cars, rock climbing, bowling and almost anything you could ask for! You can grab food and drinks at the restaurant. Perfect for a weekend outing with family or friends. You can visit for a few hours or get a full-day pass.

  • Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park

The park is one of Meridian’s major recreational attractions. The expansive, picturesque park features playgrounds, rolling green lawns, small ponds, and relaxing walking trails. This park is popular with families because it is perfect for a walk and relax with a frisbee, volleyball or simply pets. If you visit this park, try fishing and take pictures with nature.


Idaho is an excellent escape from a monotonous life. After visiting this place and forging deeper family ties, you can tell your friends many adventure stories. But even if you’re not the adventurous person, the serenity of Idaho will satisfy you. Best of all, your kids will be very happy and entertained after this trip!

You should get an ESTA before visiting Idaho and planning any expeditions. Not only is it convenient to obtain, the visa lasts for two years. Has your ESTA expired? Do not worry about it; You can renew online with just a few taps.

Applying for an esta visa is not enough. You should regularly check the status of your application. Once approved, an esta USA check will verify that your application has been submitted correctly. It would be ideal if you got this visa a little before your planned trip.

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