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Whether flat or heeled, trendy or classic sandals always go perfectly with slim jeans. See those wide strap sandals I’ve seen all summer? They also work very well with a slim fit. However, due to their rather massive charm and ultra-compact aspect, no one would have bet on this unlikely association!

wearing slim jeans denim sandals, strappy sandals or guarantees simplicity and femininity without too much effort. Verified!

Coming out of skinny, flared jeans are right in front of the stage. Star of the 70s, trendy than ever. An integral part of our wardrobe, we can wear flared jeans in winter as well as in summer. We show you how to adopt flared jeans with 15 inspiring looks.

Jeans are constantly renewed with the seasons, so they can quickly spoil your choice. But it never disappoints and it is flared jeans that are suitable for all body types.

How to choose flared jeans?

Because flared jeans can be used endlessly, they adapt to all body types. Short, wide, slender, long… We love all shapes. For older products, they adopt wide, slim or cropped flare jeans, also known as kick flares. What shoes to wear with flared jeans? Sneakers, shoes in block style or pointed toe ankle boots.

If you’re smaller, set aside wide flared jeans that can create a “bag” effect. Instead, opt for slim flared jeans. The thighs are tight and the floor is slightly apart. Kick flares are your body-squeezing ally unless worn with sneakers. Short, wide, slim, long… We love all shapes of flared jeans!

Choose a color for flared jeans

When it comes to color and laundry, flared jeans offer many possibilities. We extremely avoid faded jeans, a big trend of the 2000s that didn’t survive the times! We also risk leaving ripped or worn flared jeans aside and tripping too much.

We close our eyes and adopt dark blue or black jeans, ideal for slimming and lengthening our legs. For summer and winter, opt for an oversized gray sweatshirt and white flared jeans paired with camel suede ankle boots.

What to wear with flared jeans?

wearing flared jeans in winter

Keep warm, wear a large knit sweater over a blouse with high-waisted flared jeans. Pointed toe heel ankle boots and voila! For winter evenings, wear black flared jeans with a beige satin camisole. We keep the rock spirit with a pair of leather perfecttoes over the shoulders, a gray scarf plaid around the neck and pointy black vinyl ankle boots.

wearing flared jeans in summer

For summer, choose flared jeans and a bohemian white blouse. We adopt nude wedge espadrilles on our feet, a big trend that comes back every summer. We put our leather bags in the closet, close our eyes and go into basket fashion. We add a little scarf to the hawse: the little detail that changes everything!

High-waisted flared jeans go perfectly with a white message t-shirt. If you’re short, you can replace your sneakers with block-heel sandals to stretch your body while keeping you comfortable throughout the day. Flared jeans for a summer evening? Yeah! We opt for tight-fitting slim flared jeans over the classic model in dark blue. At the top, I dared to wear a maxi neckline with polka dot wrap and adopted sandals with thin golden straps at the feet. And because we like to mix prints, we tie a flower headband in our hair.

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