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Before submitting an article, please read the guidelines, which are typical web blogs, carefully. We accept the types mentioned below but are not limited to Lifeyet.com. We accept content related to the categories mentioned below.

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Note: We do not publish sales promotions or press releases. do not send us. Before writing, gain insight into style, structure, quality, and form from already published articles, and make sure your article submissions:

It has a comprehensive paper and provides clear solutions as well as a list of tips and tricks. There is a voice. It should be bold, interesting, and human.

  • Include real examples
  • Create inspiring content
  • Write general guidelines
  • Pen and paper for writing – instructions below.
  • Be sure to include the appropriate headlines (h2, H3, etc).
  • Create quality and unique content that adds more value to your audience.
  • Content written only in English is acceptable.
  • If your content has been posted elsewhere, please don’t write it for us.
  • Once you have published an article on lifeyet.com, you may not publish it on any other site or blog.

We recommend that you include high-quality images/videos. It must be included in the article, must be unique, must not be published elsewhere, must be under a creative commons license, and provide the source of the image if necessary.

Divide your article and make it more interesting by adding relevant, high-quality images for every 200 words. Links should be included with appropriate anchor text, but only links that provide value to the reader (according to search engines). You can only add links that you can include (not just for link building). Accepts all links that follow search engine rules (does not reject DA or PA-based links, but linked sites must follow search engine rules).

We know there is a lot of content on the internet, and creating unique and quality content is so difficult. We have decided to allow everyone to include quality links and user satisfaction links.

Posts with spelling or grammatical errors will not be accepted.
Articles should fit into your blog theme.
By submitting a guest post, we own the copyright and we can edit it if necessary.

Checklist before submitting a Guest post

Submit a Guest post

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Guest post Content Checklist
Add at least 3 internal links
Added headlines (H1, H2, H3, etc.)
Share the article on your Instagram account.
Only one external Dofollow link allowed
content is unique
Author bios are not published.
article format
Article Format for Guest Posts
well-studied title
Image (at least one recommendation)
At least 3 internal links
One or more external links (if more than one external link is found, the selection is removed and the article is not edited.
External links are do-follow
Publishing procedure
Article Publishing Guidelines
It helps with the off-page SEO of your articles and websites.
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Frequently Asked Questions for guest posts

FAQ for guest post

Why write introverts?
Introvert, Dear, is an award-winning publication and the largest community for introverts on the entire web! It has been featured on Vice, BuzzFeed, Oprah, Glamor, HuffPost, Washington Post, and more. Our site gets 2 million views per month and has nearly 1 million followers on social media. Feedspot voted it the best publication for introverts on the web for the third year in a row.

Call all the very sensitive people!
In addition to articles about introversion, we are actively looking for articles about highly sensitive people (HSPs) on our new website, Highly Sensitive Refuge. Find out more here.

How long should my article be?
It must be at least 5,00 words. No more than 1,000 (exception: “Each Introverted Myers-Briggs Personality Type” article can be up to 5,000 words).

Do you pay for submissions?
When publishing an article, you can choose one of the following options:

Can I become a regular author?
We are actively looking for contributors. These are some great writers who promise to write regularly for our website. If you want to continue writing for us, please include three additional ideas for articles you can write for (no further explanation, just the headlines). List it at the top of Google Docs. After working with you on the first article, we decide whether to invite you to write more.

What are powerful articles?
The best articles on Introvert, Dear have something in common:

They are very honest and personal. They don’t dance around the details or contain vague references to the author’s experiences. They have strong examples and paint vivid pictures of other introverts.

They are digging below the surface. Advice isn’t cliché or something we’ve all heard thousands of times already. Insightful and truly useful, it allows the reader to gain a deeper understanding of the introverted personality. This article can create a clear message/lecture/call-to-action statement for the reader, reminiscent of “Aha!” moments for them. Practical and feasible where applicable. Not every article needs a to-do list. Some articles are more powerful without a list. However, it is delivered when the subject guarantees clear steps of action.

Can you post my articles on my blog?
Please do not post articles on blogs, Medium accounts, or anywhere else. It may sound harsh, but it’s important for SEO reasons! Search engines can punish websites for duplicate content.

What about my author bio?
Include a 3-5 sentence author bio at the top of the article. Author bios can be casual and fun, or they can be professional. Use the first person (“I”, “I”, “my”, etc.).

any school that has earned a degree
Your professional association or other organization
Other publications or websites are written by you
own site (if any)
… And make sure to include the link!

What about Gravatar
Your photo will appear with the article. Our system will use your email address to fetch your face photos from Gravatar, so please upload your photos there. Important: You will need the email address associated with your Gravatar account. Otherwise, you will not be able to access your photos.

I just sent a post. Now what?
We deeply value your insights and we are glad that you choose to share them with us! We will contact you within the next few days. We will notify you by email if your article has been accepted or if we believe it is not suitable for our website. If your article is not approved, please try again with another article!

What should I do after the article is published?
We encourage you to share it on social media. Sharing articles helps the community grow. We also encourage you to actively respond to readers’ questions or thoughts.

Share the full article as a Google Doc with [email protected]

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We look forward to your contributions!

Guest post Write for us Content

Create an article with an idea
Here are some ideas to help you get started. We also allow articles on these topics. *** But we don’t take any more pandemic-themed artworks (I’ve posted several). ***

What works for an introverted life?
Describe what works for you as an introvert. Daily practice, lifestyle/vocational choices, personal boundaries, etc. Why does it help you? What problems have you solved? Have you encountered opposition from others in making this choice? And how did you deal with it? Here is an example of this message: Why living together and introverts work for me.

Describe and defend the introverted trait.
Why are introverts quiet when meeting new people? Why do you retreat to your bedroom alone after a busy day? Why do they hate it when dinner with one friend suddenly turns into a big group outing? Write an article that explains why introverts do (sometimes confusing) things. Your goal should be to help your friends, family, important people, colleagues, or the general public better understand introverts. Here is an example. Why is our bedroom our haven for introverts?

Provides advice for solving common introverted problems.
Write about a problem that many introverts face. How about experiencing this problem? Have you personally struggled? Why is this problem unique to introverts (or at least those who experience them more often)? How can an introvert solve or overcome this problem? I especially like it when a therapist, psychologist, researcher, or other professional writes this post. But if you’re not an “expert”, that’s fine. Talk about experiences that have helped you. Here is an example of this message:

What not to do or say to an introvert?
What phrases should not be said to an introverted colleague, spouse, friend, or child? What not to do with them? Here is an example of this prompt: 15 things you should never do to your introverted child.

What do people mistake you for as an introvert?
Many introverts feel out of place in a world built for extroverts. Write compassionate asylums that describe and defend aspects of introverted behavior (e.g., introverts tend to overthink or skip parties).

What is a misunderstanding and how has it negatively affected your life? What would you like others to understand about this part of your personality? How did you learn to embrace this trait and can it become a strength? See examples here, here, and here.

We propose changes that society should make.
Are your school, work, community, or social expectations doing something that harms introverts? (For example, you expect all students to enthusiastically attend class, or expect adults to keep their weekends filled with social planning.) Write about it. Why is it bad for introverts? What can I do instead in a more introverted way? See examples here and here.

Here’s something.
Imagine what an introverted Myers-Briggs personality type would do in a given scenario. For example, each introvert is d type do in the zombie apocalypse? What bothers each type? What will they do on their first date? Your work can be serious and helpful.

However, only include links that will help readers. It can be a link to a suitable post on your blog (two or less) or on another website (the more reputable the source is, the better). Linking to other posts by Introvert, Dear makes us happy.

If you want to publish a guest post here we are available for contact us, msg us on WhatsApp +923002754727 or Email us at [email protected]